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 Nations Church Jax 
Nations Church Headquarters Church.  Jacksonville, Florida

Nation’s Church is a Holy Spirit filled & led ministry.  We are a multi-cultural, bilingual church with headquarters in Jacksonville Florida, but with a ministry vision for all nations.  Guided by the Holy Spirit we are more than excited to invite you and your family to be a part of this move of God.   Everyone welcome! Don't forget to share!

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Contact Us

1125 Arlington Rd. N, Jacksonville FL 32211

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God showed Bishop Arevalo 3 types of people who will attend Nation’s Church:

-The Visitor (ones coming to see what the church is about).

-The Volunteer (ones that share their time and talents at church).

-The Visionary (ones with the Kingdom mentality who support the vision to preach the Gospel in every nation before Jesus comes).  They pray, support and minister in this end-time harvest of souls.  WELCOME VISIONARIES!  SEE WHAT GREAT THINGS GOD HAS IN STORE!

Calling All Visionaries!

About Nations Church Jax

Meet Bishop Joseph Arevalo

Nations Church Founder

“The Secret to Staying in Revival is staying In Love with Jesus”

In 2007 the LORD directed Bishop Arevalo to establish a world-wide ministry to plant churches:  Sowing Seeds Of Revival International.  The vision is S.U.N.

Souls-----One Billion World Wide

Unity---- Within the Kingdom Of God

Nations----7000 Nations Churches in 197 Countries

His Commitment to the Holy Spirit has, and will always be, that and all Nations Churches will be:



A Presence over Politics Ministry

A Multicultural Ministry

A Non Denominational Ministry.

A Demonstration not Definition Ministry.

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Bishop Joseph Arevalo and his lovely wife, Deaonna.

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Join the Nation's Church family for services:
1125 Arlington Rd. N, Jacksonville, FL 32211
Sundays:  10 a.m. Sunday School
                 11 a.m. Worship Service
Wednesdays: 7 p.m. Revival Wednesday Service!

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